Welcome to the Tempo Tots North London online video library. We hope you and your little ones will enjoy these exclusive videos, which are inspired by Emma's years of LIVE, interactive music-making classes with families and children 0-4 years. Each class has been created to provide an engaging and accessible experience, exploring a range of themes, and promoting learning and development. No props or resources are needed, but you may find a list of suggested items to hand, for some videos.

Happy watching!


Emma x

  • On the farm

    11 mins

    Includes the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, Big red tractor, Horse, bunny and more!

    Get your shakey shakey arms and shakey shakey legs ready to dance with the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow! Also with the big red tractor and listening bag with horsey horsey, hopping bunny, chick chick chicken & baa baa black sheep.

    farm animals, nursery rhymes, songs, animals, singalong, bunnies, horsey, chicken, tractor

  • Bears, bees & bunnies

    11 mins

    With Peter Rabbit, sleeping bunnies, the Teddy Bears' Picnic and more!

    Buzzing bees, bouncing bunnies, and a naughty bear caught in the honeypot!

    songs, singalong, nursery rhymes, teddies, bunnies, Peter rabbit

  • Ocean

    13 mins

    Dive with us beneath the waves to visit the sharks, fish, a ride on the yellow submarine and sailing on the ocean and the clouds.

    Lets go to the beach! The waves on the sea go up and down...

    ocean, marinelife, swimming, beach, yellowsubmarine, boating, beatles, shark, fish, sailing, oceanwaves

  • Transport

    7 mins

    Join Emma for songs about transport, including the Wheels on the Bus, Zoom to the Moon, Down at the Station, and read along with Dig Dig Digger, about all kinds of vehicles.

    Beep Beep, Choo Choo, neenaw neenaw!

    nursery rhymes, rocket, digger, train, car, vehicle, plane, boat, bus, wheels on the bus, transport, things that go, travel, tractor

  • Animal sounds

    10 mins

    Join in for fun with animal sounds! Includes nursery favourites Old MacDonald and 5 Little Ducks plus Owl, Frog and Horse with live instrument animal sounds. Encourage copying and vocal expression, develop hand-eye coordination and understanding of sequencing.

    Mummy duck said “Quack quack quack quack!" then all her five little ducks came back

    farm animals, nursery rhymes, songs

  • Monkeys & Elephants

    10 mins

    Includes favourites: 5 Little Monkeys and Nellie the Elephant.

    Lets swing and stomp!

    songs, nursery rhymes, monkeys, elephants, nellie the elephant

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